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Party Photos: Camp For All Family Day and Groundbreaking

April 29, 2012

Welcome to Camp For All! Ashley Griffin, McKenzie Bender Guests checking-in
Humberto Contreras, Martha Contreras, Adan Contreras, Diego Contreras Teri Little, Alana Little, Elizabeth Casey, Alex Casey Rob Aguilar, Cathy Boeker, Clay Boeker, Robin Aguilar, Seth Aguilar
Cyndee Smith, Jill Pavlas, Laurie Bruce Tons of Fun ... Mike Yancey, John Pavlas
The clowns ... Where do you want to go? Brianca Salcido, Danielle Ghorayeb
Merv Schaefer, Pat Schaefer Fun train rides ... Lionel, Jessicah Holloway
Getting ready for canoeing ... Canoeing ... Kelly Stapleton
Grill master Wayman Wilkerson Ginger Hensnen with volunteers One of the youngest visitors ...
Sterling Leija, Tim Neuhaus, Brittany Werme Fishing ... Shovels and hats for the ground breaking
Les Sturm, John Carson The ground-breaking shovel ... The car ...
Star Place! Cedric Spears, Amy Turner, Ross Turner Belinda Munsell
Mimi Toubin, Leon Toubin, Larry Neuhaus Paul Gerson, Larry Neuhaus, Bob Zeller The Ground Breakers ...
Bob Zeller, Paul Gerson Anders Odegard, Bennett Odegard Camp For All President and CEO Pat Sorrells
Camp For All President and CEO Pat Sorrells Paul Gerson giving invocation Paul Gerson
The attentive guests ... Larry Neuhaus, Johnny Martin Belinda Munsell, Larry Neuhaus, Johnny Martin
Pat Schaefer Pat Schaefer talks about the future Chapdelaine Family
Rogers Crain Ready for ground breaking Ground breaking for Retreat 5
Ground breaking for Star Place Stoney Burkes, Johnny Martin, Kurt Podeszwa Cookies for all ...
Cyndee Smith, Mckenzie Bender, Diann Lewter Wayde Hamrick, Tom Drummond Peter Boudreaux, Vicki LaRue
Having fun ... Bill Kaminer, Kevin Hill, Jennifer Montgomery Archery skills were amazing
Trying hard ... Jillian Rodgers, Pat Sorrells, Jennifer Montgomery (all with Camp For All) Stephen Hosie, Sally O'Keefe

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