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Party Photos: Wesley Community Center's Lone Star Night

May 03, 2012

Houston artist Wiley Roberston's empty palette before the event began. Guests signed up to purchase Lone Star Night specialty wine bottles.
Wine baskets, wine tours, and other great items were available during the silent auction. Lone Star Night wine bottles were a hit! They sold out! Shannon Paige with Vintners Own poured wine from tap for guests.
Patty Kiley, Lisa Martinson, Diana Gabriel
Delia Mizwa, Greg Dawson, Alisa Dawson Greg Dawson, Alisa Dawson Guests were able to experience the latest craze of wine on tap!
Samantha Goss, Diana Garbis, Sarah Yarina Patricia Rae, Vickie Hamley, Anne Wilcox Noah Taylor, Sam Garbis, Jim Halter, Judy Halter
Alitta Palomo, Victoria Garcia Guests almost skipped food to get to the desserts!
Wesley Community Center Board President Roberta Todd, Greg Moore, Bonnie Moore, Lisa Ancell Houston artist Wiley Robertson midway through his "live art" which was an item in the silent auction. Candy Kneip, Diana Garbis
Katy Hole, Clifford McFarland, Judy McFarland, Ellen Elam, Steve Keenan Joyce Johnson, Larry Johnson, Kevin Ancell, Wayne Wilcox Patsy Cocker, Karen Barfield
Mini cupcakes had big fans! Christopher Seitz, Kimberly Seitz Jeff Williams, Tiffanie Williams
Vintners Own was beautifully decorated to showcase Wesley Community Center. Charles Bennett, Kristin Fagan, John Meese Chocolate bites were beautifully placed for guests.
Cupcakes, macaroons, and chocolate bites were almost too nice too eat!
Lisa Martinson, Kenneth Elder, Matthew Henderson, Vickie Garcia Greg Krause, Kate MacDougell, Debra Sandefer, Bernie Clinton
Walter Murphy, Neil Thomas, Cindy Murphy Lone Star Night wine bottles were also used for beautiful flower arrangements.
Lone Star Night wine bottles were a sensation! Only a few guests were able to snag a bottle! Christopher Seitz, Kimberly Seitz, Clark Martinson Jane Ista, Sue Murchison, Steve Ista
Stewart Micham, Janie Micham Guray Tulek, Annie Tulek, Jan Barkley, Jim Barkley Kristin Fagan, Charles Bennett
Matthew Henderson Kris Thomas, Patti Kiley Silent auction "Live Art" winner Ellen Elam with the artist, Wiley Robertson.
Diana Gabriel, Lisa Martinson, Candy Kneip, Sue Murchison, Cindy Murphy Wesley Community Center Board President Roberta Todd and Resource Development Director Candy Kneip. Wesley Community Center's staff: Kenneth Elder, Alitta Palomo, Diana Garbis, Candy Kneip, Matthew Henderson
Wine basket for the silent auction item. Silent auction items were a hit!  

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