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Party Photos: Interfaith Ministries 'For All Humanity' Luncheon

November 29, 2011

Arbas Saedi, Mary Say, Abeer Shawi, Hala Hadi Bena Biswa, Madsu Biswa, Beenam Biswa, Santi Pokhrel Carey Reagan, Yoshiko Studmire
Tay Ya, Edison K., Seh R., John Arterburi, Agustin Socorro Gathering around the 'Community Cloth' table. Roxanne Paiva with Hti Moh and Bu Meh in front of the 'Community Cloth' table. Hti Moh and Bu Meh are just two of the individuals that create these bags, scarfs, and other elaborate pieces.
Diana Untermeyer, Saher Imam, Shazma Matim, Cartha Siddiqui Elliot Gershenson, Shamira Asaria, Shelly Smith One of the few photos set outside of the dining hall, displaying a different refugee
Bennie Flores-Ansell, Thuy Tran, Carol Price Khaleel Rahman, Arshad Matin, Momin Syed, Zahid Naseem The 'Community Cloth' table. All of the pieces on the table were handmade.
Ladies gather around the 'Community Cloth' table, asking questions about how they are made Lauren Santerre, Rose Garcia Appetizers before a great lunch
One of the beautiful tables set inside the dining hall Naila Qureshi, Shahnaz Kureshy Shainaaz Ibrahim, Azra Rauf, Sophia Iqbal Khan, Kamila Husain
Rishma Visram Mohamed, Sharmin Jaffer Tasheem Farid, Dr. Ambereen Ansari Zubair Al Awadi, world renowned oud player, playing the oud before lunch
Guests mingle as they make their way into the dining hall. For All Humanity Luncheon Some of the guest prepare for lunch
Kelli Cohen Fein, Martin Fein, and Ellen Cohen Len Cannon welcomes the guests to the luncheon Giving a quick thank you and prayer before lunch
Singing a native song before lunch Giving a quick thank you to all of the guests The guests as they prepare for lunch
Elliot Gershenson giving remarks before he invites the Refugee Services Volunteer Award recipient to the stage. Inaugural Richard "Dick" Steel accepting the Refugee Services Volunteer Award Some of the refugees are called to take a stand so they could be recognized by all of the guests
Officer Adrian Garcia, Dr. Fatima Mawji, Arthur Schecter, Mustafa Tameez Themina Masud says a few words about adopting a refugee, and gives thanks to all who came together to participate Themina gives a warm welcome to a refugee as she comes to the stage
Two individuals as they are being recognized for their dedication Susan and Dan Boggio before the come to the stage to receive their award. Dan Boggio gives a few words about his wife and all of the hard work she has given to the refugees.
Dan Boggio and his wife, Susan. VIP's on stage as they listen to Dan Boggio introduce his wife, Susan. Susan Boggio giving thanks to all who participate in helping and adopting refugees.
The guests give Susan Boggio a standing ovation. Susan Boggio, accepting her award for 2011 For All Humanity. Interfaith Ministries Board Member, Bill King
Interfaith Ministries Board Member, Bret Baccus    

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